Wednesday, 26 April 2006

A Funny Thing Happened …

A couple of odd things have happened recently.

Walking down the High Street in Oxford I was thinking about a fellow comedian. Andy Murray is a first year at Keble College, and a jolly talented stand up and improv exponent. He is also a first class fellow. I was thinking about whether he will one day choose to acknowledge that he shares his name with the rather inelegant Scotch tennis player.

I had been thinking about this for about twenty seconds when someone tapped me on the forearm. Lo and behold, it was Andy Murray – THE Andy Murray, not the tennis player.

I suppose in 30 years it would be odd if something like that did NOT happen; nevertheless it was extraordinary at the time, and rather enjoyable. Shame it wasn’t Rachel de Thame though.

The other one was a near miss. I tend to sign off family phone calls with the words “Love You”. It’s just the kind of guy I am. On occasion I have accidentally said it to other people – once to a babysitter who rather freaked me out by kissing me goodnight (not, I hasten to add, actually inappropriately), and recently to my friend Richard. It seems that if things have been affable and friendly, my brain kicks into gear thinking that I should express great affection.

With Richard I meant to say “Love to the family”, so that sort of explained that. But I came within an ace of saying “Love You” to someone I do not know well at the end of a purely business phone call. Thank GOD I didn’t quite do so. Although now that I have tempted fate, I probably will …

Oh yeah, I am entering the competition So You Think You’re Funny. I am scheduled to enter the first stage on 26th June in London. Perhaps you might like to keep the evening free. I’m told audience reaction counts for nothing in the judge’s / judges’ mind/s, and I’m sure that’s true, but it would nonetheless be a boon to see some friendly faces.

Could someone please tell me how to bump my links and stuff on the right hand side of my blog back up the page? And if you know of somewhere uber cheap (but nice) to stay around Canary Wharf, that would also be much appreciated.

My next gig is at the Wheatsheaf in Oxford on Sunday 7th May. I am sharing the bill with, amongst others, THE Andy Murray. We kick off at 8pm.

Wednesday, 19 April 2006


I am thrilled to announce that there is a new addition to the Greeves Family. We have been joined by Hector, a three month old black Labrador. I met him for the first time over the Easter weekend.

Hector is unutterably adorable. Good natured, friendly, trusting – we hit it off straight away. He joins a noble line of Greeves Family pets, and has already distinguished himself.

Easter weekend was great. I had a good gig on the Thursday night, and then travelled to Oxford on Good Friday. We were all much entertained and restored by Duncan and James, two very different but equally agreeable friends of my sister Becca. It is a real pleasure now that Becca and I are closer in age to spend time with her friends, and indeed to become better and better friends with her.

Welcome, Hector. Love you.

Friday, 14 April 2006

Peter Franklin

My very dear and cerebral friend Peter Franklin has found himself a slot amongst some extraordinary people on a Guardian website.

Click on Peter Franklin among my links to see his site. Also, follow this thread to see me hand someone their arse on the subject of secularisation in schools.

Wednesday, 12 April 2006


Last night something magical happened.

My new colleagues are lovely people, and we had a mixed boys and girls five-a-side football tournament after work. My team won.

I have never won a football tournament before, in many many years of playing the game. Thus a lifelong goal has been achieved. Now I want more, and some of the boys are talking about playing regularly (the girls already do).

We eked out our victory with solid defending (particularly from the very tough tackling girls), excellent organisation (we were well marshalled by James), and classy play from Nicola. Mark also went on a number of mazy runs.

Being told afterwards that I have nimble feet and move well for a big man was encouraging. Better still was scoring an absolute screamer of a goal at the start of a group stage match.

I played in goal, defence and attack. This variety is much more enjoyable than sticking in goal all game, and it's a great way to get fit. Winning isn't everything, but it sure feels good. We all won an Easter egg, and I shall treasure mine (until I eat it).

Just Because I Move Conservatively, Don't Mean I'm Slow

I am delighted to draw your attention to the Conservative Home Inaugural Conservative Movement Awards.

Splendid Is As Splendid Does

This site has been recommended to me by my good friend Nick. It is rather splendid:

Monday, 10 April 2006

Hello Old Friend

Sorry to have been so uncommunicative in the last few days. I have been working very hard in my new – hugely enjoyable – job. I’d forgotten what a pleasure office life could be, so I’ve been making the most of that. Friday night was spent out with new colleagues and some of their friends, and a good time was had by all. It’s a very human, engaging environment.

I have a gig at the Hogshead on Thursday night – 8pm kick off, but I’ll be there beforehand. It’s one of my favourite venues. Click on the Hogwash link on the right or see previous entries for details of how to get there.

On Saturday I attended the wedding of James, one of my oldest friends, to Louise. It was perfect. The ceremony was lovely, the speeches were brilliant, and the party rocked, but not decadently so. I also made contact with a couple of school friends – John and Ian – whom I have not seen properly for a very long time. Both have delightful other halves too. In fact every f*cker apart from me seems to!

I’ve made some good progress on the healthy living front recently, and tomorrow I will be putting myself to the test in a mixed boys and girls five-a-side football tournament. My team is quietly confident …
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