Friday, 29 February 2008

Fun Away From The Office

So I've been hopeless about posting recently. Sorry.
I have been enjoying my evenings though. I still don't watch much TV, but have been reaping the benefits of Glynn's extensive DVD collection. He has thrown up a number of treasures.
A Matter of Life and Death is a superb film starring David Niven. Written for propaganda purposes, it is beautifully scripted, and captivates the viewer immediately. The acting is first rate too.
I have also been loving two rather different sitcoms (or 'comedy series', as Jon insists I call them). The first is How I Met Your Mother. It wouldn't normally be my bag - it is suitable for a family audience, and can't really be called 'edgy'. But it is crafted very cleverly, the characters are well-rounded, and there are more than enough excellent one liners to satisfy. Plus it's agreeable to watch a show all the way through with a friend.
The other is the American version of The Office. Ricky Gervais can take much of the credit (although none of the blame) for inspiring me to take up comedy, and I adore the original show. So it was with some cynicism that I first watched the American one.
Once you treat it as a distinct beast, you can enjoy it on its own terms. Glynn has it all on DVD, and having reaquainted myself with the first few episodes, I have been racing through it. It's terrific, and I'd give your right arm to be in it myself.
I know I need to post more. Thanks for your patience.
Oh, I'm considering my job options for after 1st May. My email address is at the top of the page if you need a speechwriter, an article writer, a researcher or to cast me in The Office.

Friday, 15 February 2008

21st Century Man

I am getting a real kick out of writing a blog post whilst listening to a song on You Tube and sitting in a library. This would not have been possible when I was an undergraduate.
Doing my first stand-up gig the day after I entered my fourth decade stopped me fretting about being in my thirties. But last Saturday I had my first shock in that regard. The fantastic David Mitchell, at one year older than me, was described as middle-aged in a magazine article. Jesus.
I'm off to the theatre tonight, as if to prove the point.
In the meantime, back to the gadgetry that makes me feel modern, if not young.

Friday, 1 February 2008


BT's incompetence (they will take 15 days to flick a switch and get me on broadband in my new home) does have one advantage - I have been working in the Radcliffe Camera this week. I had never been inside this wonderful library before, and it is simply gorgeous. Oxford continues to yield up new things for me.

I am appearing in a show at Keble College tomorrow night. It's a variety piece called Dead Mother Cabaret, and it's all in the worst possible taste. I'll be doing 15 minutes of stand-up. We kick off at 7:30.

Check out this blog, run by a fellow (and current) Trinity man.
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