Saturday, 26 December 2009

Take To The Seas

I have a new ambition. It is to go on this ship.
I love boats. Or rather, I love big boats. I'm afraid I'm one of those land lubbers who is too (pardon the pun) wet to go sailing on a little boat, having to sleep in a tiny space and pee over the side. Give me a great ship and relative comfort, however, and I am very keen indeed.
I also want to learn to play the guitar. I've been meaning to for years, and I think that now is the time to seize the day. My friend Ben is bringing one over tomorrow, and I am looking forward to trying to pick up some chords. Strumming will obviously come before plucking, but it'll be possible to sing along quite quickly, I hope.
Thanks to everyone who came to visit me in hospital, by the way. You made a big difference.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Merry Christmas

Hi there,

This is just to say I'm back, and to wish you all a wonderful holiday. I will try to blog over the festive period, but y'all may not be be checking much!
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