Monday, 28 March 2011

I Am a Great Man

The first feature film in which I had the pleasure of appearing, I Am a Great Man, is now finished. There will be a screening on Monday 4th April, and you can apply for tickets here.
Here is the trailer.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

I like to cuddle my housemate

One of my housemates is seven months old. Cuddling him is one of my favourite pastimes. We rub noses, Māori-style. I hoist him in the air. But perhaps my favourite bit is when he behaves like a prop forward.

He sort of looks like a prop; although I should qualify that. He has the powerful build of a prop and very short hair. But he's much better looking than a typical loosehead or tighthead.

Yet he has all the sneaky and downright dirty tricks of the front row trade. A vice-like grip, a finger up my nose, drool on my face, a hand slapped on my forehead - all of these and more are standard fare.

I suspect my housemate will end up being a lock if he plays rugby, as his father is literally a giant. But should the height of front row players keep increasing at the rate it has in recent years then he will be more than a match for anyone he faces.

It takes me back to be being sixteen and packing down against opponents who were usually, mercifully, rather smaller than me. However, I never got the urge to kiss them. Come to think of it, THAT would have been a great way of undermining their confidence and winning what is in no small part a psychological war.

But my housemate has the better of me every time.
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